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Training: How to run the course

If you want to run the knowing Christianity course, we simply ask you to go through the training provided. This is not to question your ability but rather for you to become familiar with using your abilities, alongside the course, when sharing the Gospel with others. The training gives a brief overview of each part of the course and encourages the learner to develop an understanding of the sort of questions which will be asked and how to answer them in such a way were you stay as close to the main question of discussion (Please read the course page for information of each part and the questions which are addressed).

Learn: How to read and understand the Bible

Reading for meaning is how we ought to approach reading the Bible. In order to do this we have developed ‘learn’, a course that will encourage and enable a person to read God’s word and discover its meaning. In the course you will learn how to interpret the Scripture with the aim that when you teach the word to others, the points you make will be the same as what the passage of Scripture is making.

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