knowing christianity | Course
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An Introduction to the course

Knowing Christianity has developed a clear and simple course as an introduction to knowing God and the Christian faith. The course has five distinct parts, answering five different questions, which guide us through the Word of God (the Bible) to God Himself and an understanding of the Christian faith.


Part 1: Why did God create the world and us?


Part 2: Why does the world have so many problems?


Part 3: Why did Jesus come to die on a cross?


Part 4: Why does the Christian life matter?


Part 5: Why did Jesus create the Church?


So much gets discussed in this course and each part takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. This time is divided between teaching, learning and discussing, also these questions prompt other questions and no one has their question overlooked.


If you are interested in taking the course or even leading someone through the course, please get in touch with us through our contact page.


*Important note: This course is not self guided and therefore while you can do it online you will only be able to do it with a Knowing Christianity leader, as we regard personal contact and discussion as a vital part of this course.