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  • Earlesfield Community Church · 2020-03-22-2 Tim 3v1 – 9 – Be on your guard

  • Earlesfield Community Church · 19-04-2020 – 2 Timothy v14 – 17 – Confidence In The Truth



  • Explaining why the grace of God was given to him. Paul in Romans 15 says it was so that he could become a minister of Christ Jesus to the gentiles in the priestly service of the Gospel. So that, the offering of the gentile lives to God, sanctified by the Holy Spirit may be acceptable. As Paul proclaims the Gospel he understands that it will produce true worshippers. Those who are converted will be a holy and acceptable offering to God. For the Gospel produces true worshippers. Taking a birds-eye view of Romans, we would see how a false worshipper of idols...

  • There is no doubt that evangelism is a difficult task but not an impossible one and it would be fair to say that not all the difficulties come from the world but can often come from believers who have a loss of conviction about the truth of the Gospel. But whether the difficulties are external to the church, mild or aggressive opposition or internal where believers sense of conviction is dulled. God never called us to take on this role of evangelism alone. The passage before us is a clear expression of God’s plan, that evangelism would be cooperative evangelism. That God...

  • It has become necessary to reclaim Christian conversion as a spiritual necessity, which is the work of God in those He loves. Conversion is what happens when God regenerates dry bones into living people, the unbeliever into a follower of Christ. Regeneration is how God gives the gift of repentance and faith, and conversion explains the signs we see in a person’s life when this happens. In conversion we will see a turning away from sin and a turning to God, we will witness repentance and faith, trusting and following. The whole person goes through a change, they will think differently about...